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Potential Role of Zinc in the COVID-19 Disease Process and its Probable Impact on Reproduction

Sethuram et al., Reproductive Sciences, doi:10.1007/s43032-020-00400-6
Jan 2021  
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Zinc for COVID-19
2nd treatment shown to reduce risk in July 2020
*, now known with p = 0.0000027 from 43 studies, recognized in 10 countries.
No treatment is 100% effective. Protocols combine complementary and synergistic treatments. * >10% efficacy in meta analysis with ≥3 clinical studies.
3,800+ studies for 60+ treatments.
Review of zinc deficiency and supplementation for COVID-19, including potential impacts on reproductive health.
Reviews covering zinc for COVID-19 include Arora, Briassoulis, Derwand, DiGuilio, Foshati, Joachimiak, Schloss, Sethuram.
Sethuram et al., 7 Jan 2021, peer-reviewed, 3 authors.
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Potential Role of Zinc in the COVID-19 Disease Process and its Probable Impact on Reproduction
Ramya Sethuram, David Bai, Husam M Abu-Soud
Reproductive Sciences, doi:10.1007/s43032-020-00400-6
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is the current world health crisis, producing extensive morbidity and mortality across all age groups. Given the established roles of zinc in combating oxidative damage and viral infections, zinc is being trialed as a treatment modality against COVID-19. Zinc also has confirmed roles in both male and female reproduction. The possible depletion of zinc with the oxidative events of COVID-19 is especially relevant to the fertility of affected couples. This review aims to present the pathophysiology of COVID-19, especially in relation to reproductive function; the role of zinc in the COVID-19 disease process; and how zinc depletion in concert with cytokine storm and reactive oxygen species production could affect reproduction. It also highlights research areas to better the understanding of COVID-19 and its impact on fertility and potential ways to mitigate the impact.
Compliance with Ethical Standards Research Involving Human Participants/Animals This manuscript did not make use of human or animal participants or samples. Conflict of Interest The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. Informed Consent N/A
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