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Clinical Characteristics and Risk Factors for Mortality in Critical COVID-19 Patients Aged 50 Years or Younger During Omicron Wave in Korea: Comparison With Patients Older Than 50 Years of Age

Shi et al., Journal of Korean Medical Science, doi:10.3346/jkms.2023.38.e217
Jun 2023  
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Retrospective 213 critical COVID-19 patients in South Korea, reporting no significant difference in mortality with remdesivir treatment (results not provided).
Gérard, Wu, Zhou show significantly increased risk of acute kidney injury with remdesivir.
Shi et al., 14 Jun 2023, retrospective, South Korea, peer-reviewed, 20 authors, study period 1 February, 2022 - 30 April, 2022.
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Clinical Characteristics and Risk Factors for Mortality in Critical COVID-19 Patients Aged 50 Years or Younger During Omicron Wave in Korea: Comparison With Patients Older Than 50 Years of Age
Hye Jin Shi, Jinyoung Yang, Joong Sik Eom, Jae-Hoon Ko, Kyong Ran Peck, Uh Jin Kim, Sook In Jung, Seulki Kim, Hyeri Seok, Miri Hyun, Hyun Ah Kim, Bomi Kim, Eun-Jeong Joo, Hae Suk Cheong, Cheon Hoo Jun, Yu Mi Wi, Jungok Kim, Sungmin Kym, MD Seungjin Lim, MD Yoonseon Park
Journal of Korean Medical Science, doi:10.3346/jkms.2023.38.e217
Background: The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused the death of thousands of patients worldwide. Although age is known to be a risk factor for morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 patients, critical illness or death is occurring even in the younger age group as the epidemic spreads. In early 2022, omicron became the dominant variant of the COVID-19 virus in South Korea, and the epidemic proceeded on a large scale. Accordingly, this study aimed to determine whether young adults (aged ≤ 50 years) with critical COVID-19 infection during the omicron period had different characteristics from older patients and to determine the risk factors for mortality in this specific age group. Methods: We evaluated 213 critical adult patients (high flow nasal cannula or higher respiratory support) hospitalized for polymerase chain reaction-confirmed COVID-19 in nine hospitals in South Korea between February 1, 2022 and April 30, 2022. Demographic characteristics, including body mass index (BMI) and vaccination status; underlying diseases; clinical features
Ethics statement The present study protocol was reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board of Gil Medical Center (approval No. GCIRB2021-462). This study adhered to the principles embodied in the Declaration of Helsinki. The requirement for written informed consent was waived because de-identified data were collected retrospectively. SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS Supplementary Table 1 Clinicodemographic patient characteristics by variant period Click here to view Supplementary Table 2 Clinicodemographic characteristics by variant period in patients aged ≤ 50 years Click here to view Supplementary Table 3 Predictors of mortality (univariate and multivariate analysis) Click here to view Supplementary Table 4 Risk factors for mortality in patients aged >50 years (N = 142, univariate analysis) Click here to view Supplementary Table 5 Clinical characteristics of patients aged ≤ 50 years who died Click here to view
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