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0 0.5 1 1.5 2+ Mortality 22% primary Improvement Relative Risk ICU admission -10% Aspirin  Vahedian-Azimi et al.  LATE TREATMENT Is late treatment with aspirin beneficial for COVID-19? Retrospective 587 patients in Iran Lower mortality with aspirin (not stat. sig., p=0.56) Vahedian-Azimi et al., Identification .., Jul 2021 Favors aspirin Favors control

Association of In-hospital Use of Statins, Aspirin, and Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Inhibitors with Mortality and ICU Admission Due to COVID-19

Vahedian-Azimi et al., Identification of Biomarkers, New Treatments, and Vaccines for COVID-19, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-71697-4_17
Jul 2021  
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Retrospective 587 COVID+ hospitalized patients in Iran, showing no significant differences in outcomes with aspirin treatment.
risk of death, 21.9% lower, RR 0.78, p = 0.56, treatment 13 of 337 (3.9%), control 28 of 250 (11.2%), adjusted per study, odds ratio converted to relative risk, multivariable, primary outcome.
risk of ICU admission, 10.5% higher, RR 1.10, p = 0.67, treatment 36 of 337 (10.7%), control 44 of 250 (17.6%), adjusted per study, odds ratio converted to relative risk, multivariable.
Effect extraction follows pre-specified rules prioritizing more serious outcomes. Submit updates
Vahedian-Azimi et al., 20 Jul 2021, retrospective, Iran, peer-reviewed, 9 authors.
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Identification of Biomarkers, New Treatments, and Vaccines for COVID-19
Paul C Guest, Zari Naderi Ghale-Noie, Arash Salmaninejad, Robert Bergquist, Samaneh Mollazadeh, Benyamin Hoseini, Amirhossein Sahebkar, Sumino Yanase, Hiroki Sugimori, Tamires Duarte, Afonso Serdan, Tiago Yuanji Tang, Bertola Lobato, Luis Flaviano, Sherry Rocha Da Silva, Laureane Tang, Renata Nunes Masi, Ricardo Gorjao, Tania Palacios, Cristina Pithon-Curi, Rui Curi, Sandro Massao Hirabara, Leila Karimi, Somayeh Makvandi, Farshid Rahimi-Bashar, Amir Vahedian-Azimi, Khojaste Amir Tajbakhsh, Rahimi Jaberi, Seyed Mohammad, Gheibi Hayat, Mehrdad Sharifi, Thomas P Johnston, Mohammad Jafari, Natalie Thomas, Caroline Gurvich, Jayashri Kulkarni, Patrícia Brito Rodrigues, Arilson Bernardo, Dos Santos, Pereira Gomes, Lívia Moreira, Genaro Lívia, Bitencourt Pascoal, Ana Paula Duarte De Souza, Raquel Franco Leal, Marco Aurélio, Ramirez Vinolo, Jaya A George, Siyabonga Khoza, Beatriz Burger, Hosana Gomes, Behnaz Abiri, Mohammadreza Vafa, Asma Pourhoseingholi, Mohsen Vahedi, Samira Chaibakhsh, Mohamad Amin Pourhoseingholi, Sarvin Radvar, Sepideh Karkon-Shayan, Ali Motamed-Sanaye, Mohammadreza Majidi, Sakineh Hajebrahimi, Negar Taleschian-Tabrizi, Fariba Pashazadeh, I R Hargreaves, D Mantle, Victor B Hsue, Kyohei Itamura, Arthur W Wu, Elisa A Illing, Kevin J Sokoloski, Bree A Weaver, Benjamin P Anthony, Nathan Hughes, Jonathan Y Ting, Thomas S Higgins, Azadeh Zareie, Davood Soleimani, Gholamreza Askari, Tannaz Jamialahmadi, Mohammad Bagherniya, Mahsa Miryan, Farshid Rahimibashar, Ali Najafi, Jason Kidde, Alireza Shahriary, Sajad Shojaei, Z N Ghale-Noie, T D A Serdan, T B Lobato, F L R Da, Silva L N Masi, T C Pithon-Curi, S Tang, R Palacios, K R Jaberi, S M G Hayat, A B Dos, Santos Pereira Gomes, M A R Vinolo, L M Genaro, L B Pascoal, A P D De Souza, S Karkon-Shayan (
This series of volumes focuses on concepts, techniques and recent advances in the field of proteomics, interactomics, metabolomics and systems biology. Recent advances in various 'omics' technologies enable quantitative monitoring of myriad various biological molecules in a high-throughput manner, and allow determination of their variation between different biological states on a genomic scale. Now that the sequencing of various genomes, from prokaryotes to humans, has provided the list and linear sequence of proteins and RNA that build living organisms, defining the complete set of interactions that sustain life constitutes one of the key challenges of the postgenomic era. This series is intended to cover experimental approaches for defining protein-protein, protein-RNA, protein-DNA and protein-lipid interactions; as well as theoretical approaches dealing with data
Authors Tamires Duarte Afonso Serdan and Yuanji Tang have equally contributed to this chapter. Abstract There have been recent encouraging reports about the development of vaccines for COVID-19. Given the scale and effects of this pandemic on public health and economies worldwide, there has been an unprecedented approach across the globe, leading to the emergence of vaccine candidates many times faster than the normal process would allow. This review gives up-to-date information as of November 28, 2020, on the latest developments in this area and covers the plans to roll out the most promising vaccines across the entire world to halt the spread of this devastating virus. response after the first dose and all patients showing a response after the second [16] . The EMA Human Medicines Committee (CHMP) and Health Canada had initiated a rolling review of this vaccine candidate to minimize the amount of time for making conclusions on its safety and effectiveness, and the Australian Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) has already taken the first step in the process for approval. In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has also begun an accelerated review of Covishield. Four million doses of the vaccine will be available in the UK by the end of 2020, assuming and a phase 1 trial showed only a few adverse effects [21] . Pfizer and BioNTech have now received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fast-tracking for two BNT162 candidates. BNT162b2..
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