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Vitamin D Associated Peculiarities in Women with Mild Covid-19 and Effect of Calcifediol on the Level of Vitamin D and Possibly, on Disease Outcome - Prospective Pilot Study

Karen et al., International Journal of Progressive Science and Technologies, doi:10.52155/ijpsat.v27.2.3269
Feb 2021  
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Prospective study of 30 female COVID-19 patients, all treated with calcifediol on admission, showing significantly increased vitamin D levels with treatment. There was no mortality.
Karen et al., 28 Feb 2021, peer-reviewed, 10 authors.
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Vitamin D Associated Peculiarities in Women with Mild Covid-19 and Effect of Calcifediol on the Level of Vitamin D and Possibly, on Disease Outcome -Prospective Pilot Study
Ghambashidze Ketevan, Grigoryan Karen, Mikaberidze Khatia, Ratiani Levan, Goginashvili Nino, Pachkoria Elene, Gabunia Luiza, Sanikidze Tamar, Pkhaladze Maia, Metreveli Levan
biomechanics and information technology 4 .
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