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Efficacy and Safety of Remdesivir for COVID-19 Treatment: An Analysis of Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trials

Zhu et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2020.06.22.20136531
Jun 2020  
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Meta analysis of Beigel and Wang RCTs showing remdesivir significantly decreased mortality (8.18% vs. 12.70%, RR 0.64 [0.44-0.92], p = 0.175).
Currently there are 58 remdesivir studies and meta analysis shows:
Mortality12% lower [4‑19%]
Ventilation10% higher [-22‑54%]
ICU admission33% higher [10‑62%]
Hospitalization5% higher [-17‑33%]
risk of death, 36.0% lower, RR 0.64, p = 0.02.
Effect extraction follows pre-specified rules prioritizing more serious outcomes. Submit updates
Zhu et al., 29 Jun 2020, preprint, 11 authors.
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Efficacy and Safety of Remdesivir for COVID-19 Treatment: An Analysis of Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trials
Yun Zhu, M.D Zhaowei Teng, Ph.D Lirong Yang, Ph.D Shuanglan Xu, M.D Jie Liu, M.D Yirong Teng, M.D Qinggang Hao, M.D Dake Zhao, Xiaolan Xiaolan Li, M.D Sheng Lu, M.D Yong Zeng
BACKGROUND Remdesivir, an inhibitor of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerases, has been identified as a candidate for COVID-19 treatment. However, the therapeutic effect of remdesivir is controversial. METHODS We searched PubMed, Embase, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, from inception to June 11, 2020 for randomized controlled trials on the clinical efficacy of remdesivir. The main outcomes were discharge rate, mortality, and adverse events. This study is registered at INPLASY (INPLASY202060046). RESULTS Data of 1075 subjects showed that remdesivir significantly increased the discharge rate of patients with COVID-19 compared with the placebo (50.4% vs. 45.29%; relative risk [RR] 1.19 [95% confidence interval [CI], 1.05-1.34], I 2 = 0.0%, P = 0.754). It also significantly decreased mortality (8.18% vs. 12.70%; RR 0.64 [95% CI, 0.44-0.92], I 2 = 45.7%, P = 0.175) compared to the placebo. Data of 1296 subjects showed that remdesivir significantly decreased the occurrence of serious adverse events (RR 0.77 [95% CI, 0.63-0.94], I 2 = 0.0%, P = 0.716). CONCLUSION Remdesivir is efficacious and safe for the treatment of COVID-19. TRIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER 2 .
Efficacy and Safety of
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