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0 0.5 1 1.5 2+ Hospitalization 16% Improvement Relative Risk Exercise for COVID-19  Hamdan et al.  Prophylaxis Does physical activity reduce risk for COVID-19? Retrospective 300 patients in Palestine Lower hospitalization with higher activity levels (not stat. sig., p=0.53) Hamdan et al., J. Int. Medical Research, Dec 2021 Favors exercise Favors inactivity

Risk factors associated with hospitalization owing to COVID-19: a cross-sectional study in Palestine

Hamdan et al., Journal of International Medical Research, doi:10.1177/03000605211064405
Dec 2021  
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Retrospective 300 participants in Palestine, showing lower risk of hospitalization with physical activity, without statistical significance.
risk of hospitalization, 16.4% lower, RR 0.84, p = 0.53, high activity levels 22 of 128 (17.2%), low activity levels 37 of 172 (21.5%), NNT 23, adjusted per study, odds ratio converted to relative risk, multivariable.
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Hamdan et al., 23 Dec 2021, retrospective, Palestine, peer-reviewed, survey, mean age 30.5, 7 authors.
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Risk factors associated with hospitalization owing to COVID-19: a cross-sectional study in Palestine
May Hamdan, Manal Badrasawi, Souzan Zidan, Asma Sayarah, Lamia Abu Zahra, Shahd Dana, Tasneem Almasry
Journal of International Medical Research, doi:10.1177/03000605211064405
Objectives: We aimed to identify the risk factors for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)associated hospitalization to provide evidence for improved clinical care of patients with COVID-19 infection. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study among 300 participants. The collected data comprised sociodemographic data, lifestyle habits, physical activity, medical history, anthropometric measurements, COVID-19-related symptoms, dietary habits prior to and after COVID-19 infection, and psychological status. Results: Fifty-nine participants were hospitalized. Fever, dry cough, joint pain, chills, diarrhea, and shortness of breath were significantly associated with hospitalization owing to COVID-19. Adults with obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases had higher rates of hospitalization. The findings also showed that residential area and age were related to COVID-19 hospitalization. Furthermore, our analysis revealed that certain dietary habits were associated with hospitalization rates. Conclusion: Our study confirmed that older age, urban residence, illiteracy, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and symptoms of loss of smell and sneezing elevated the risk of hospitalization among patients with COVID-19 infection.
Authors' contributions May Hamdan supervised the project and data collection. Manal Badrasawi was responsible for proposal revision and methodology optimization, supervision of data collection, and data analysis. Souzan Zidan was responsible for proposal revision and methodology optimization, supervision of data collection, data analysis, and writing the first draft. Asma Sayarah, Lamia Abu Zahra, Shahd Dana, and Tasneem Almasry were responsible for writing the review, drafting the proposal, collecting data, and data entry, and assisting in writing the proposal. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript. Declaration of conflicting interest The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest. ORCID iD
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