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Satisfaction with Government Recommended Pre-Procedural Mouth Rinses in the Mitigation of Covid-19 in Hong Kong SAR: A Triple Blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Huang et al., Journal of Dentistry, doi:10.1016/j.jdent.2024.105082
May 2024  
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20th treatment shown to reduce risk in May 2021
*, now with p = 0.029 from 7 studies.
Lower risk for viral clearance.
No treatment is 100% effective. Protocols combine treatments. * >10% efficacy, ≥3 studies.
4,400+ studies for 79 treatments.
RCT 228 dental patients showing high satisfaction and acceptability of three pre-procedural mouthrinses (povidone-iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorhexidine digluconate) recommended by the Hong Kong government for mitigating COVID-19 transmission. There was no significant difference in satisfaction and acceptability rates.
Study covers povidone-iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorhexidine.
Huang et al., 16 May 2024, Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial, China, peer-reviewed, 7 authors.
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