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Higher Scores of Ambient Temperature, Sunshine Hours and UV Index are Associated with Lower COVID-19 Mortality

Errasfa, M., The Open COVID Journal, doi:10.2174/26669587-v2-e221209-2022-24
Dec 2022  
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Analysis of COVID-19 deaths in 39 countries, showing mortality negatively correlated with sunshine hours.
Errasfa et al., 30 Dec 2022, Morocco, peer-reviewed, 1 author.
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Higher Scores of Ambient Temperature, Sunshine Hours and UV Index are Associated with Lower COVID-19 Mortality
Mourad Errasfa
The Open COVID Journal, doi:10.2174/26669587-v2-e221209-2022-24
Background: Following two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of deaths were registered around the world. A question on whether climate parameters in each country could or not affect coronavirus incidence and COVID-19 death toll is under debate.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST The author declares no conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. AKNOWLEDGEMENTS Declared none.
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