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Lifestyle and quality of life in children and adolescents during the covid-19 social distancing period

Araujo et al., Jornal de Pediatria, doi:10.1016/j.jped.2023.07.006
Aug 2023  
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Cross-sectional analysis of 2,574 families in Brazil, showing that pandemic social distancing caused negative changes in exercise, diet, and sleep for children.
This study includes sleep, diet, and exercise.
Araujo et al., 14 Aug 2023, Brazil, peer-reviewed, survey, 7 authors, study period 23 June, 2020 - 12 July, 2020.
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Lifestyle and quality of life in children and adolescents during the covid-19 social distancing period
Catherine Pires De Araujo, Jefferson Piva, Neusa Sica Rocha, Amanda Vettoretti Nicoladeli, Ana Paula Radunz Vieira, Jessica Paniz Hartwig, Tais Sica Rocha
Jornal de Pediatria, doi:10.1016/j.jped.2023.07.006
Objective: To evaluate the lifestyle and quality of life in Brazilian children and adolescents during the COVID-19 social distancing period in 2020. Methods: This cross-sectional study evaluated children and adolescents (2-18 years of age) and their parents, who voluntarily participated in an online survey. Snowball sampling was used to recruit participants during the first 6 months of the pandemic. A questionnaire was used to characterize the study population. The PedsQL 4.0 and the EUROHIS-QOL 8-item index were used to assess the quality of life (QoL) in children/adolescents and parents, respectively. Data were analyzed using SPSS 18.0 statistical program through the ANOVA with post hoc Bonferroni analysis, student's t test, and the generalized estimating equation. Results: Mean screen time increased from 2h pre-pandemic to 5h during the pandemic (p < 0.001), which was associated with a decline in PedSQL4.0 scores (from 75.7 § 2.6 to 71.3 § 13.7, p < 0.001). Unhealthy eating habits increased from 11% to 34% and were associated with worse QoL scores compared with improved or unchanged eating habits during the pandemic (69.7 § 13.3 vs 72.80 § 13.4 vs 76.4 § 12.6; p < 0.001). Poor sleep quality increased from 9% to 31.7% and was associated with worse QoL scores compared to improved or unchanged sleep quality during the pandemic (67.3 § 13.1 vs 74.5 § 13.1 vs 76.8 § 12.2; p < 0.05). Physical exercise was associated with better PedSQL4.0 scores (77.5 § 12.3 vs 72.5 § 14.4; p < 0.001). Children aged 2-4y old had the best QoLscores.
Conflicts of interest 374 The authors declare no conflicts of interest.
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