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The Impact of Severe COVID-19 on Plasma Antioxidants

Žarković et al., Molecules, doi:10.3390/molecules27165323
Aug 2022  
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Retrospective 88 COVID-19 patients and 33 healthy controls, showing significantly lower vitamin A levels in COVID-19 patients vs. healthy controls, and in patients that did not survive vs. survivors. Patient ages were significantly different between groups.
Žarković et al., 21 Aug 2022, Croatia, peer-reviewed, 10 authors.
Contact: (corresponding author).
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The Impact of Severe COVID-19 on Plasma Antioxidants
Neven Žarković, Anna Jastrząb, Iwona Jarocka-Karpowicz, Biserka Orehovec, Bruno Baršić, Marko Tarle, Marta Kmet, Ivica Lukšić, Wojciech Łuczaj, Elżbieta Skrzydlewska
Molecules, doi:10.3390/molecules27165323
Several studies suggested the association of COVID-19 with systemic oxidative stress, in particular with lipid peroxidation and vascular stress. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the antioxidant signaling in the plasma of eighty-eight patients upon admission to the Clinical Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, of which twenty-two died within a week, while the other recovered. The differences between the deceased and the survivors were found, especially in the reduction of superoxide dismutases (SOD-1 and SOD-2) activity, which was accompanied by the alteration in glutathione-dependent system and the intensification of the thioredoxin-dependent system. Reduced levels of non-enzymatic antioxidants, especially tocopherol, were also observed, which correlated with enhanced lipid peroxidation (determined by 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE) and neuroprostane levels) and oxidative modifications of proteins assessed as 4-HNE-protein adducts and carbonyl groups. These findings confirm the onset of systemic oxidative stress in patients with severe SARS-CoV-2, especially those who died from COVID-19, as manifested by strongly reduced tocopherol level and SOD activity associated with lipid peroxidation. Therefore, we propose that preventive and/or supplementary use of antioxidants, especially of lipophilic nature, could be beneficial for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
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