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Summary of COVID-19 nigella sativa studies

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183 patient nigella sativa early treatment RCT: 75% lower hospitalization (p=0.37) and 43% improved recovery (p=0.0002).
RCT 183 mild COVID-19 outpatients in Saudi Arabia, 91 treated with Nigella Sativa, showing lower hospitalization and faster recovery with treatment. 500mg Nigella Sativa oil (MARNYS Cuminmar) twice daily for 10 days. NCT04401202.

Aug 2021, Complementary Therapies in Medicine,,

419 patient nigella sativa early treatment RCT: 96% lower mortality (p=0.001) and 93% lower severe cases (p<0.0001).
Open-label RCT with 419 patients in Iraq, 160 treated with Nigella Sativa, showing lower mortality and severe cases with treatment. Black seeds 40mg/kg orally once daily for 14 days.

Jan 2021, Indian J. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology,,

313 patient nigella sativa early treatment RCT: 82% lower mortality (p=0.01), 84% improved recovery (p<0.0001), and 82% improved viral clearance (p<0.0001).
RCT with 157 patients treated with honey and nigella sativa, and 156 control patients, showing significantly faster recovery and viral clearance. Honey (1gm/kg/day) plus encapsulated nigella sativa seeds (80mg/kg/day) orally in 2-3 divided doses daily for up to 13 days.

Nov 2020, Phytotherapy Research,,

52 patient nigella sativa early treatment RCT: 9% faster improvement (p=0.78) and 43% improved viral clearance (p=0.31).
52 patient RCT in the USA with nigella sativa component thymoquinone, showing improved recovery with treatment. There was a significantly faster decline in the total symptom burden, and a significant increase in CD8+ and helper CD4+ central memory T lymphocytes. The treatment group contained 5 more vaccinated patients and 7 more overweight patients. Authors also present in vitro results showing an inhibitory effect with five SARS-CoV-2 variants including omicron.

May 2022, Pathogens,,

381 patient nigella sativa late treatment RCT: 61% lower ICU admission (p=0.28), 70% shorter hospitalization (p=0.001), and 67% improved recovery (p=0.001).
RCT 358 hospitalized patients in Iran, 184 receiving treatment with a combination of nigella sativa and several other herbal medicines, showing shorter hospitalization time and improved recovery with treatment. IR.TUMS.VCR.REC.1399.024.

Oct 2021, Phytotherapy Research,,

150 patient nigella sativa ICU RCT: 6% lower mortality (p=0.87), 62% lower ventilation (p=0.01), and 23% lower ICU admission (p=0.74).
Open label randomized trial of 150 ICU patients in Bangladesh, showing shorter ICU stay and lower requirements for increased oxygen support including mechanical ventilation with nigella sativa treatment, but no significant difference in mortality. The large baseline difference in convalescent plasma usage suggests an error or randomization problem.

Aug 2023, Bangladesh Critical Care J.,,

60 patient nigella sativa early treatment RCT: 77% improved recovery (p=0.09) and 61% improved viral clearance (p=0.08).
120 patient RCT comparing vitamin D, nigella sativa, and combined vitamin D+nigella sativa, showing improved symptom recovery and viral clearance with both vitamin D and nigella sativa, and further improvements with the combination of both. All patients received vitamin C, zinc, and lactoferrin.

Nov 2022, Frontiers in Pharmacology,,

51 patient nigella sativa early treatment study: 39% faster recovery (p=0.003).
Prospective study of 51 mild COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, showing faster recovery and improved viral clearance with nigella sativa oil (NSO) treatment. NSO patients received 5mL twice daily in addition to usual care (zinc, vitamin C and a multivitamin).

Jan 2024, The Nigerian Health J.,,

105 patient nigella sativa prophylaxis RCT: 49% fewer cases (p=0.36).
RCT 251 high-risk individuals in India, mostly with direct contact with COVID-19 positive patients, testing polyherbal formulations Infuza, which includes nigella sativa, and Kulzam. Both formulations showed lower risk, without statisical significance, while the best results were from the combination of both.

Jul 2022, Phytotherapy Research,,

173 patient nigella sativa prophylaxis RCT: 34% fewer symptomatic cases (p=0.006).
RCT 173 family members of COVID-19 patients, showing lower incidence of COVID-19 symptoms with nasal drops containing nigella sativa oil and olea europaea oil. One drop in each nostril twice daily for 7 days.

Jul 2023, Phytotherapy Research,,

376 patient nigella sativa prophylaxis study: 62% fewer symptomatic cases (p<0.0001).
Prophylaxis study with 376 mostly high-risk patients, 188 treated with nigella sativa, showing significantly lower cases with treatment. Black seeds 40mg/kg orally once daily.

Jan 2021, Pakistan J. Medical and Health Sciences,,

79 patient nigella sativa late treatment RCT: 27% lower need for oxygen therapy (p=0.007) and 29% shorter hospitalization (p<0.0001).
Small RCT 41 patients treated with nigella sativa, glycyrrhiza glabra, punica granatum, and rheum palmatum, and 41 control patients, showing shorter hospitalization with treatment.

Jun 2022, Integrative Medicine Research,,

738 patient nigella sativa early treatment study: 24% lower hospitalization (p=0.09).
Retrospective survey-based analysis of 738 COVID-19 patients in Saudi Arabia, showing lower hospitalization with vitamin C, turmeric, zinc, and nigella sativa, and higher hospitalization with vitamin D. For vitamin D, most patients continued prophylactic use. For vitamin C, the majority of patients continued prophylactic use. For nigella sativa, the majority of patients started use during infection. Authors do not specify the fraction of prophylactic use for turmeric and zinc.

May 2021, Int. J. Environmental Research and Public Health,,

253 patient nigella sativa prophylaxis study: no change in severe cases (p=1).
Retrospective survey-based analysis of 349 COVID-19 patients, showing no significant difference with nigella sativa prophylaxis in unadjusted analysis. REC/UG/2020/03.

Feb 2022, Tropical J. Pharmaceutical Research,,
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