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Demographical Profile and Clinical Outcomes of Covid-19 Patients at a Tertiary Care Centre

Jain et al., Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, doi:10.31838/jcdr.2023.14.05.215
May 2023  
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Retrospective 100 COVID-19 patients in India, showing higher vitamin D levels associated with survival and lower severity in unadjusted results.
Jain et al., 31 May 2023, retrospective, India, peer-reviewed, 4 authors.
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Demographical Profile and Clinical Outcomes of Covid-19 Patients at a Tertiary Care Centre
Dr Samyak Jain, V K Singh, Sapna Yadav, Achintya Agrawal
Background: A new strain of coronavirus responsible for pneumonia of unknown origin was detected in early January 2020, named as 2019-novel coronavirus. Even though COVID-19 has affected all regions of the world, there are great variations in the prevalence of the disease and mortality rates in different countries, the reasons for which are poorly understood. In this study, we analysed the clinical manifestation, laboratory profile and final outcome in COVID-19 patients in our Medical College & Hospital providing tertiary care with the purpose of adding information to the already existing data. Material and Methods: Inclusion Criteria: All positive and confirmed cases of COVID-19 disease, admitted in COVID wards, HDU, ICU of our Medical College & Hospital, irrespective of age & gender. Results: Majority of study subjects (61%) were above 40 years of age. The commonest presenting complaint was cough with less than one-fifth having fever. Sputum was present in 27% of cases and more common in live subjects. Breathlessness was present in 56% of cases and more common in expired subjects. Oxygen support was required in 59% of cases. Treatment with Remdesivir was needed in more than 80% of non-survivors of Covid-19 disease while less than 30% survivors needed Remdesivir therapy. Plasma treatment therapy was given in 6% and Mechanical ventilation in 34% of cases. Conclusion: Majority of the patients were asymptomatic but potential spreaders of the disease. Fever, cough, and breathlessness were the major presenting symptoms. Advanced age, high TLC with high N/L ratio, high CRP level, high serum ferritin level, high D-dimer value and low vitamin D levels correlated positively with severity of disease responsible for high mortality rate.
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