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Remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19

Anseems et al., Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, doi:10.1002/14651858.CD014962
Aug 2021  
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Review of 5 RCTs prior to April 17, 2021 showing mortality RR 0.93 [0.81-1.06] for hospitalized patients.
Currently there are 60 remdesivir studies and meta analysis shows:
Mortality11% lower [3‑18%]
Ventilation10% higher [-22‑54%]
ICU admission33% higher [10‑62%]
Hospitalization5% higher [-17‑33%]
Anseems et al., 5 Aug 2021, preprint, 10 authors.
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Remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19
Kelly Ansems, Felicitas Grundeis, Karolina Dahms, Agata Mikolajewska, Volker Thieme, Vanessa Piechotta, Maria-Inti Metzendorf, Miriam Stegemann, Carina Benstoem, Falk Fichtner
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, doi:10.1002/14651858.cd014962
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Cochrane Library Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Did patients get better with remdesivir? • Remdesivir may have little or no e ect on the length of time patients spent on invasive mechanical ventilation (2 studies, 1298 people). • We do not know whether remdesivir increases or decreases time on supplemental oxygen (3 studies, 1691 people). Did patients get worse with remdesivir? • We do not know whether patients are more or less likely to need any mechanical ventilation (invasive or non-invasive) with remdesivir (3 studies, 6696 people). • Patients may be less likely to need invasive mechanical ventilation (2 studies, 1159 people). • We do not know whether patients are more or less likely to need non-invasive mechanical ventilation (1 study, 573 people). • We do not know whether patients are more or less likely to need oxygen by mask or nasal prongs (1 study, 138 people) . Quality of life • None of the included studies reported quality of life. Unwanted e ects • We do not know whether remdesivir leads to more or fewer unwanted e ects of any level (3 studies, 1674 people) . • Patients are probably less likely to experience serious unwanted e ects with remdesivir than with placebo or standard care (3 studies, 1674 people) . In 1000 people, 63 fewer would experience a serious unwanted e ect compared to placebo or standard care. What are the limitations of the evidence? We are moderately confident in the..
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