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Clinical Trial of Black Seeds Against COVID – 19 in Kirkuk City / Iraq

Al-Haidari et al., Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15:3 (date from preprint)
Jan 2021  
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Mortality 96% Improvement Relative Risk Severe case 93% Nigella Sativa  Al-Haidari et al.  EARLY TREATMENT  RCT Is early treatment with nigella sativa beneficial for COVID-19? RCT 419 patients in Iraq (September - November 2020) Lower mortality (p=0.0013) and severe cases (p<0.0001) Al-Haidari et al., Indian J. Forensic .., Jan 2021 Favorsnigella sativa Favorscontrol 0 0.5 1 1.5 2+
12th treatment shown to reduce risk in January 2021
*, now with p = 0.00016 from 14 studies.
No treatment is 100% effective. Protocols combine treatments. * >10% efficacy, ≥3 studies.
4,400+ studies for 81 treatments.
Open-label RCT with 419 patients in Iraq, 160 treated with Nigella Sativa, showing lower mortality and severe cases with treatment. Black seeds 40mg/kg orally once daily for 14 days.
risk of death, 95.8% lower, RR 0.04, p = 0.001, treatment 0 of 160 (0.0%), control 14 of 259 (5.4%), NNT 18, relative risk is not 0 because of continuity correction due to zero events (with reciprocal of the contrasting arm).
risk of severe case, 92.6% lower, RR 0.07, p < 0.001, treatment 2 of 160 (1.2%), control 44 of 259 (17.0%), NNT 6.4.
Effect extraction follows pre-specified rules prioritizing more serious outcomes. Submit updates
Al-Haidari et al., 31 Jan 2021, Randomized Controlled Trial, Iraq, peer-reviewed, 3 authors, study period 5 September, 2020 - 15 November, 2020.
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Clinical Trial of Black Seeds Against COVID -19 in Kirkuk City/ Iraq
Kadhim Ali, Abbas Al-Haidari, Tunjainamiq Faiq, Ozdanakram Akram Ghareeb
In order to cope with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, there is an urgent need for effective prevention and control measures. This study aims to explore the positive action of black seeds (BS) against COVID-19 in patients involved in the trail. It is a descriptive, comparative, and open-label study. In our study, (419) participants were divided into two groups.The studied participants included patients which received standard care treatment as a control group (CON) , while the (BS) group were patients received black seeds at a 40 mg/kg dose orally, once daily for 14 days plus standard protocol of treatment. The evidence of BS efficacy was obvious in the severity and outcome of infection with covid-19. A significantly higher severity of infection among control group 44 (17.0%) than the black seed group were noticed; the control group also showed 14 deaths (5.4%), while there were no deaths in black seeds group (0.0%). Thus, we can conclude that black seed is very effective in reducing the severity of covid-19 and preventing death in infected patients.
Conflict of Interest: The authors have declared no conflict of interest
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