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Association of Vitamin D Status with COVID-19 Infection and Mortality in the Asia Pacific region: A Cross-Sectional Study

Yadav et al., Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, doi:10.1007/s12291-020-00950-1
Feb 2021  
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Analysis of vitamin D levels and COVID-19 in 37 Asia Pacific countries, finding a significant association with the number of cases/million (r =  −0.394, p = 0.016) and a weak association with the number of deaths/ million (r =  −0.280, p = 0.093).
Yadav et al., 3 Feb 2021, peer-reviewed, 6 authors.
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Association of Vitamin D Status with COVID-19 Infection and Mortality in the Asia Pacific region: A Cross-Sectional Study
Dharmveer Yadav, Amandeep Birdi, Sojit Tomo, Jaykaran Charan, Pankaj Bhardwaj, Praveen Sharma
Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, doi:10.1007/s12291-020-00950-1
has been declared a global pandemic by WHO on 11 March 2020. Still, very little is known about the potential protective dietary factors for the prevention of infection and mortality due to COVID-19. Keeping in view the scarcity of literature/studies available, in this regards present study was undertaken to assess if there is any correlation between mean levels of Vitamin D in various Asia Pacific countries with the infection and mortality caused by COVID-19. We collected data for mean levels of Vitamin D for 37 Asia Pacific countries for which we have also got the data regarding the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19. The mean levels of Vitamin D were found to have a significant association with the number of cases/million(r = -0.394, p value = 0.016) and a weak association with the number of deaths/ million (r = -0.280, p value = 0.093) due to COVID-19. In conclusion, we found a significant relationship between Vitamin D levels with the number of COVID-19 cases. So further clinical trial/study with a large sample size is needed to elucidate the protective role of Vitamin D in COVID-19.
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